Saturday, June 28, 2014

Twirly Girl

I questioned a little girl,
 "Do you think
 in straight lines or circles?" 
With hardly a pause 
she answered,
  "Usually it comes
out all twirly."
I silently applauded
as an envious, aching tear 
dripped down my face. 
As a child, I didn’t know 
I had options for answers
other than A or B. 
But then again, 
nobody ever asked. 

Hearts on a Stem

I understand now
how Robert Farrar Capon 
wrote an entire chapter
about one brown onion.

Likewise, a cursed, 
common weed 
captivated me 
for hours. 

shoots through
pregnant parchment 
ripe bellies 
bursting with seeds. 

Oh, the minutiae of hearts -- 
veins, wrinkled chambers 
and a breaking line 
down the center 
where love spills out -- 
unlocking the gates of Eden.