Friday, July 15, 2016

Coffee Mug

Tension by way of pressure
points equaled inside and out
stack clay into a cylinder worthy
of stretching a round silhouette
resembling a wide hipped woman
carrying a belly full of grace

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Assuaging Loneliness

Four miles up into the mist
mountaintops tip homage
to their maker. The trail floor
springs back - meeting every
step with years and years
of cushioned forest loam. Ferns,
bracken and berries soften the edge
of the shady path I follow to
Hart Lake. I go by myself -
to see it different. I pray. I sing.
I listen. My heart pounds when
I see signs of a bear who recently
passed through, foraging as he
went. The water falling down
granite walls imbues me with
energy and enthusiasm.
The lake gives me peace like
a much needed transfusion. On
the way back, I stop to eat lunch -
then hitch my hammock between
two trees by Horse Ford and
swing to the rhythm of water
rushing over rocks. It's nice
to be lonely alone.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wrecked by Raku

A kiln is built
with an arched roof
a chimney hole
a removable door
and a peekaboo

glazed bisque placed
in the preheated oven
turns hot orange -
matching the walls
without melting

the door is removed brick by brick
and long tongs reach for one
piece at a time to bury
in sawdust while a pail
waits to smother flames

one smoking piece at a time is
baptized in a bucket of water -
we gasp as humble clay
surprises us with patches of
unpredictable beauty

George Lowe and Daniele Maeder doing Pottery Vespers - Holden Village 2016