Wednesday, November 30, 2016




Plaster of Paris Mold - Slip Cast Sculpture of Craig Overby's Hands - 
Taught by George Lowe - Village Potter - Holden Village - 2016 


Elsa is my first ever sculpture. She is about about 24 inches tall. Red, gritty clay. Turbaned. Pensive.

Holden Village Pottery Studio - 2016 
With Gratitude to the Village Potter, George Lowe 

Historic Silver City and Bruneau Canyon - Idaho

Road Trip - November 2016  


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prayer for Dick Staub

This poem by Mark Nepo, from his book Reduced to Joy - 
is for Dick Staub - who I've always thought of by his real 
name, Richard the Lionhearted. I selfishly pray you regain 
your health, for we can't imagine our world without you in it. 

For Joel at 94
They say that miners in South America
strap small lamps around their chest, that
this works better than the light coming
from the center of your head.
They say the head can be fooled,
but the heart can’t turn without
the body. This makes me think of you
digging your way through your long life,
lighting everything with your heart.
It’s a good way to live. And when we
sit at the end of the day, our hearts
illumine the day and we see each other
in its radiance. I can tell, it reminds you
of many circles you’ve been a part of.
It’s a good way to measure time.
To make our way on Earth
by the light coming from our heart —
This is what you’ve taught us.
Is it any wonder that what you
touch, including us, glows.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Making Good Beer From Scratch

Craig, Terry, Seth, and George malt their own barley, roast their own crystal and chocolate, use real hops picked local. They've made many batches of really good beer from scratch - from classic pale ales to dark stouts with roasted cacao and espresso beans. I'm learning to like beer. It is fun to watch the process.

Making Good Beer From Scratch is written by our own renaissance man, Terry Sanderson. 
Holden Village - 2016 

Beautiful Hands

Ruth Playing Harp - Holden Village - October 2016 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Wind is blowing 
up the channel
chasing the fog
and scouring 
the clutter in my 
mind, making room
for probable 

Monday, November 21, 2016

I've Tasted Grace

Savory crusted crumbs
of it still cling to my lips.
Kiss me. It will return
to thee.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Leaving Holden

I only scored a 3 on the “Delivers Results” section of my six month review. Gulp. A 3 isn’t a very good mark. I was blindsided. I needed improvements made in many sections. I did not know the village had reviews till the day before. 

But the important thing is that the things that matter and add value don’t compute in tidy columns or add up on this sort of corporate institutionalized measuring stick. 

Trudy told me when I started that my real job was to make the craft area a warm and welcoming place. And Peg told me to just do what I do. I was happy and willing to do this. 

There have been wonderful, enchanting, magical things that have happened down in my work space that my supervisors don’t know about. Perhaps these never tells have changed someone’s afternoon, or day, or year? I hope so. 

A potter I know always tells people when they weigh their homely, clumsy first piece of bad pottery that “you can’t weigh art.” 

My dearly beloved……

Go make something happen. Make art. Your lives are poems and stories that aren’t finished yet. Rip up that review and keep that stack of love notes and thank you cards. Measure your worth and value by how you care for others, how much nourishment and aid you offer, by how generous you are with grace and giving out A’s. Be lavish with kisses and hugs and well done’s. 
Don’t fear the performance police. Don’t be merely a cog or robot when what the world needs are linchpins. The world needs your curiosity and enchantment and the magic way you see. 

Serving, being hospitable, loving, seeing and meeting the needs around you…..these things are never on the bulletin boards, nor is there data available to prove it happened. But those who have received your care and love and respect know. You know. That’s all that matters.  I give you and A +. You have changed my life in unbelievably sweet ways. I’m so glad to be a part of your lives. Relationships are what give us momentum and energy for doing our day jobs. Relationships are the only things that we take with us forever. I want to take you with me for the rest of my life and beyond. 

What are you doing that the people around you have shining eyes. Keep doing that. 

A review has no capacity or ability to measure flourishing or those who help others flourish.  

I hope the magic and enchantment of Holden Village comes back. But in order for that to happen it needs a connection with its heart and soul again. Brains managing managers in the context of a business will never seed and grow hospitality and servant leadership in a village community. 

I recommend every staff member and manager be required to read Seth Godin's Linchpin and Ben Zander's The Art of Possibility. 

We left the village yesterday with tears streaming. But we didn't leave with any shame. It wasn't a rash decision. We don't regret our time there. It has been an incredible experience and we have grown and stretched and grown wings. We feel privileged to have been part of the work that will enable guests to come again after the mine remediation ends this year. 

Thank you Holden Village for eight incredible months. It has changed the trajectory of our lives.