Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday night at the Movies. Deaux

One: Please see this movie. Foreign. French. Amazing on all fronts. For me it was a defining moment. I sincerely wish all men in the world knew the power their influence could have for good in someone's life.

Kevin Kline plays Dr. Kroeger. Nuanced. Graceful. Gentle. Coaching. Teaching. I want one, too.

(Dr. Kroeger, thank you for being unafraid to love appropriately. Thank you for being secure enough that you didn't take but gave. Thank you for not taking advantage where there was vulnerability and guilelessness. Thank you for showing her who she was. Oh my. I love you.)

Two: Read this brilliant review at Filmwell by Jeffrey Overstreet and then go to that movie. :) Just do it. We'll be there tonight. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding Spring

 lurk beside trails 
tails curled and tucked
waiting to be taken home
where a vase filled 
with fresh water quenches
their insatiable thirst
and curiosity. When
a wink glimmers behind 
the fuzz and I have an 
irresistible urge to 
scratch them under the
chin or put them to my cheek 
where childhood memories 
remember spring's 

Every spring I long to go to the coast and hear the thunderous crash of the real waves during spring storms. Westport is my destination. It is a run down little dive of a fishing village that keeps a piece of my heart safe till I can make it back. 

Yes, we live close to the Puget Sound, but it isn't the same as the ocean. 

The working fleet of fishing boats go out and return every night. Seeing the Sadie Marie and her crew make it to safe harbor at night is a relief. They become friends. It is a game to recognize their unique names, hull shapes, and colors. Seals, pelicans, sea lions, whales, proposes, star fish, and gulls make entertainment. 

About a half hour from Westport the pussywillows start to line every road and trail and I feel like I'm home. The first thing I want to do is pick a bouquet and hold them close. It brings intense pleasure and a lifetime of memories. Finding pussywillows where the frogs are chorusing is probably my sweet spot. It is always worth stopping the car for, feeling like sabbath and shalom, mixed. Like all is well and all shall be well. :) 

I hope you find some.....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Wendell B and Eugene P Taught Me

Happy Easter Sunday. Happy Resurrection Day. He is Risen. He's Alive.

As for me and my house, we're "practicing resurrection" multiplied by two.....whenever it is now.

A. Practicing as in learning to master something 

B. Practicing as in practicing law, or medicine, etc. 

Practicing so we can indeed practice being real and alive.

Jesus. Pinocchio. The Velveteen Rabbit. You and me.