Sunday, January 10, 2016


How does a life
end up in a plastic tub
filled with faded pages
and dog eared scribbles
unintelligible to anyone
but me?  These
questions no one
but me can answer
about why must this
be saved?

It's a puzzle --
these crooked pieces
of my heart
bordered by straight
edges of my life so



Old Note-Scraps of Life

As I was sorting through an old box of miscellaneous scribbles and cut out magazine pages of articles and pictures I found this scrap of paper dated Jan 10, 1997 with this written down. 

Brita and Tess and I were setting at the table doing lessons when Brita started reaming her ear out with gusto and intense satisfaction. She pulled it out, looked at my curiously incredulous face and said, "Gotta wind up my ear - what, don't you ever have to wind up your ear?" 

Haahahahahahahahahha. Oh those weird homeschoolers. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Belt Loop Love

I was sorting our closet to pack essentials for Holden VIllage, with a pile to give to Goodwill. 

For years and years Craig and I have both been puzzled by new jeans going missing from his closet. Then they'd show up mysteriously. The belt loops would soon come off. Craig quit wearing a belt and cursed cheap chinese sewing. This went on until Brita left home. Because…..

Little did we know she's always had a belt loop fettish. She finds scraping her thumb and finger alternatively along the inside raw edges of a belt loop satisfying, gratifying and comforting. As comforting as sucking her thumb used to be when she was little. Especially when it becomes all soft and frayed, weary of resisting her relentless handling. She carries pieces of belt loops she cuts off her own pants in her pockets until they've been worn out. She seriously lusts after a crisp, fresh off the shelf belt loop. She has been known to buy jeans at thrift stores and Walmart because she was out of options. 

We had no idea until she confessed and solved Craig's mysterious new pants dilemma. We howled in disbelief…… thankful it was a harmless obsession/fixation. 

So, I cut off small square pieces of jeans with loops attached - for a year's supply. I'm prompting Craig to write a hand written note to her to put in a gift bag of twelve cut belt loop squares to send her before we go. 

Dear Brita, 
I'm pretty sure during this year in Holden I'll wish a pair of my jeans would go missing, then be mysteriously returned with some belt loops loose. I'm not sure what the criteria is for a proper loop worthy of a good working over, but here is a supply…..until we see you again. I love you as much as you love your belt loops. I promise you have a lifetime supply. Keep me in your pocket. 

Yes, if you see tear stains on this page, they are mine. These things give life purpose and texture and layers more precious than gold…… 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Eagerness Looks Like This

Dear Friends and Family, 

Craig and I have some big news to share. We applied, visited and were offered a long term position at a remote arts/faith/renewal/retreat ten miles up in the mountains above Lake Chelan in sunny eastern Washington. We go March 1. 

We've always loved being hospitable - it's as natural and fun as anything we do.  Holden is a good pairing for both of us in our natural gifts and talents. 

We’re not sure about our living quarters yet. We might have a bedroom in a chalet with others and share a bathroom and small kitchen. Craig and I will see each other often during the day - which will be such a treat. Craig won’t have a long commute - on good days. 

We still have the juice and margin and wherewithal to do good work, be fruitful, and engage with adventurous people from all over the world. Holden welcomes in anyone. This appeals to us....the watering hole/bonfire/open table/breaking bread together/doing life together/making music and art and letting beauty save the world thing ...... 

The Pacific Crest Trail runs above the Village. Through hikers may make reservations and lodge and eat there. It’s a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride from Field’s Point Landing to Lucerne - where the Holden bus meets passengers bound for Holden - ten miles and 45 minutes up the mountain. Field’s Point is an hour ferry ride from Chelan. 

It's about another 25 minute ferry ride uplake to picturesque Stehekin, which is a remote village on the very north shore of Lake Chelan which can only be reached by hiking, boat, or float plane. Like Holden, there are no roads in or out.

Craig will be doing mainly heavy equipment and when he's available do handyman and light mechanic work. He hopes to segue into learning the ropes and helping out with the fascinating powerplant and water facilities. I'll be in guest services and possibly helping in the kitchen when the mine remediation gives the kitchen back.

Holden used to be an copper mine back in the late 1800 to the 1940ish. It is now experiencing some mine remediation to get the leftover contaminates from that period cleaned up - as Wolverine Creek Valley is a major watershed into the lake. 

The Wolverine Valley fire this past summer devastated the entire area surrounding Holden. It's a miracle the village is left standing without much damage. 

We'll have limited and SLOW e-mail access. Nothing streaming, no pictures as they take forever to upload and NO PHONE - Landline or cell. There is a satellite phone for emergencies only. The outside world may call and we will be paged or radioed to come call out via this strange phone. It cuts out and sometimes disconnects…….and is really only for emergencies. Slow mail is more than welcomed! 

The best thing about Holden is the pristine environment. Mountains surround it and a stream runs through. It's quiet. The stars are magnificent. The trails are like a spider web. The lake is like a jewel far below. The air is pure. The snow magical. Four seasons show up regularly and on time. We will be out of the constant drizzle of rain. I love how rain makes everything green, but we are ready for some sunshine. 

We’re trading shopping, traffic, noise, smog, crowds, and pavement for bears, deer, fauns, squirrels, fish, eagles, contempletive space, peace, stars, hoarfrost sculptures, and mountain ridge sillouettes. Don’t feel sorry for us!  

We are eager and enthused to start a new chapter. We think living in community will certainly have challenges, but it will also be a catalyst for some deep growth. We both yearn for a sense of belonging, a tribe of our own. We hope the time we spend at Holden will leave an imprint of fond memories and friendships that last forever.

What I love most is the very significant and rich library it has. This makes it not so remote for me. And Craig will have comraderie and people to have coffee with early in the morning. This makes it not remote for him. He gets to tinker and fix things, which he loves. We like to help, serve, nurture, nourish, and be midwife and douela to hearts and souls. These things are recipricol and mutually beneficial. What we give we recieve. 

And it’s a way of traveling without going anywhere. People from all over the world, from all walks of life will come to us. This intrigues. We want to give all who come a warm and hearty welcome like we received. 

I hope to keep a detailed journal of our days and experiences. Maybe I’ll have a book someday? 

Much love, 

Craig and Kathleen Overby