Thursday, October 27, 2016

Speaking Australian

I'm down the
mountain, down lake
from you this week and
I dream we're rooting.
I end up with
a pash rash
red enough
to scar me. It will
make people
wonder what we've
been up to.

Have I told you lately
that I love you,

For Ben

He says he wants 
to bail out,
leave the village, 
begone -
because he 
fit in. 

I say a hearty, Welcome
to the "fidn't dits!" 

I'm one too, I say 
and tell him 
that if he goes 
I'll miss him. 

So stay, 
I say.


For our young Ben - somewhere on the spectrum - Holden Village 2016 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Touch Me

Belovedness comes my way
via hard hands clasping
my own softer, smaller ones.

Belovedness comes my way
via kisses air blown, thrown,
caught and returned.

Belovedness comes my way
via sparkling eyes lighting up
from across the room.

Belovedness comes my way
via scented, enveloping hugs.

Belovedness comes my way
via lips wrangling kisses and
dancing tongues.

Touch me where belovedness
lives - the warm place we return
to being the beloved again
and again.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Reading With Jan Richardson

Everyone in the room has 
or will experience grief
at some point 
 she promised. 
Her tears did not fall
but a woman's mouth tells all. 

Jan Richardson gave a reading from her forthcoming book, A Cure For Sorrow.  Holden Village - October 2016