Friday, May 7, 2010

Clinging Vines

Now that winter is over, I usually take my coffee mug, a journal, a pen and a few books either out to the front porch swing or the swing in the back yard in the morning.

Today, it was the backyard. I spent minutes, stacked one on another, simply watching the diamond dew drops change colors in the grass as the swing swayed its rhythm. Winking diamonds, reflecting all the captured colors from our surroundings. Captivating.

Over the years I have learned to use the soil for a palette. Plants are the paint. The colors of green never end and they lend themselves to compliment each other. Green never clashes with anything.

One of the many plants I collect are of the vine family. Anything that crawls, clings or climbs comes home with me. Irresistible. I think I'm infatuated because of the tendrils. They will somehow, against all odds, find something to grab. Something to hold on to. Anything will do ~ growing is the point. Growing up.

Some might call it stubborn ~ a hard word which, if turned over has a softer side ~ tenacious.


Anonymous said...

that would be a good word instead of the b word.

A Simple Country Girl said...

Let us wink right back at those diamond dew drops too!


Anonymous said...

Lovely image. I was watching diamonds yesterday, the ones in my pool that sparkled from the splashes of sun blown about by the wind. It was rows and rows of diamonds, circling and pinging. And laughing. Yes, I'm sure they were laughing.

Melisa said...

Because this is so cool: