Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Only on a Motorcycle

Freedom blows through 
my mind and hair as we fly 
tandem on the white line
where tunnel of trees 
makes a canopy. Inviting
blue triangle of open sky
above and open road 

Tidy fields 
with perfumed rows
of cut hay wrap scent 
thick about my head.
May I trade an exotic turban 
for this helmet prison?

Mist from the waterfall
cools my skin better than
cucumber spa facials.

Maidenhair ferns blush
when I puzzled over the 
cliff they chose for
their conjugal bed.
Clinging only to each other and
wet rock, without soil,
they brazenly multiply.

Taking one home
became temptation sore. 
Succumbing would rob another. 
No trophy from the forest 
lined my satchel. Only memories 
came back.

New kind of lichen to like

  found beside a bridge 
never crossed before

where witches hair covered a tree.

Glacier water, strange color 
of mystic green 
 much too cold  
for a selkie to 
swim in.  

Fairy house neighborhoods 

growing heart rocks bigger than you 
or me. 


katdish said...

Oh, thank you for taking me along on your journey! That was wonderful!

Maureen said...

I'm with Kathy. What a great ride! You have a delight in life and nature that's infectious (in a very good way).

A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh, I want to swim in that lake. (I reckon it's not too cold for this Montana-born, north Idaho-raised girl.) And that first image--love it.

Do come on over the mountains (just a bit farther) and out into the wheat fields and already-picked onion fields to see me... You can dangle your feet in the creek and eat drippy peaches with me.


S. Etole said...

I can feel the wind in your words and the freedom ... and see the beauty.

Anonymous said...

that was where did i put my hair brush.

cool fairy house with bells and a bird feeder.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Ahh, the wind in your words -- how lovely!

I have a collectin of heart rocks -- I want that one bigger than you and me!

Thanks for the beautiful ride.

Susan said...

Your writing & images have a cooling effect on a warm evening.

Laura said...

Kathleen! You always take me to the sweetest of places. I'm all rapt and stuff. Love to you, dear one.

Deidra said...

I do enjoy a motorcycle ride! Flying "tandem on the white line." This took my breath away!