Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The last month has been different. I've was holed up in the craft room creating - most of December. There are times when deliberate isolation and solitude are needed. Creating gets my feathers smooth again, lubes the gears, and fills me up. Quickens and quiets me.

We spent Christmas with my family of origin in Southern Idaho for the first time in years. It was a good day, simple and uneventful. Everyone left for home on a good note. All of us siblings were together.

Craig and Brita drove home to Washington without me. I stayed to help Tessa get settled into her new life and apartment. It is a miniature home in a brick fourplex. We had fun furnishing it with essentials.

I washed and changed sheets downstairs. It is ready for company again. Mom has a never ending round of overnight guests. I moved upstairs with her . We are snuggling in her king sized bed in the master bedroom.

Yes, I'm fifty and love sleeping with my mom. She smells like warm toast and has the silkiest skin. We wake up and hold hands while watching the sunrise over the canyon walls. Mist from the warm water ponds puff up into the cold air, making each morning a new mystery.

I fly back home Saturday where I will pick up my real life. It has been strange being offline for so long. I feel rested and full. Mom has nurtured and nourished me and my family. I am thankful.

I have my yearly bronchitis attack going on. She heats towels in the warmer at night to put on my chest and back smothered in Vicks. She heats the tea kettle for a dunk under the steam tent we make in the sink. I don't think any of us lose our need to be mothered and fathered. Lord, be with the orphaned ones.

I've been holding history in my hands this week - old journals, old music, pictures, letters, tools, recipes, records, and stories. I am storing every detail in my mind.

"We have this moment to hold in our hands......."

I have missed you all! The Twitterers, The Facebookers, The Google Readers, The Bloggers, The Beloved Friends and encouragers. I hope 2011 will be full of love, kindness, generousity, adventure, risk, comfort, making memories, new friends, and art of every kind and medium. Let the music play and let color dance all around us.



S. Etole said...

I was so blessed by a piece of your creativity ... be well soon.

Anonymous said...

it is sooooo nice to be taken care of when we are under the weather.
what a wonderful mom.
good to hear from you.

Glynn said...

Kathleen's back! Yay!

Laura said...

I cannot not tell you how tenderly I receive these images of you and your family. How blessed you are, Kathleen. And how you bless.

Maureen said...

Happy New Year, Kathleen! So good to see your post. You are missed!

And I second Laura's comment about how you write about being with family.

Susan said...

I'm glad you are sharing sweet, restorative times with your mom. I envision you purring as you hold hands & shiver as her hands soothe you... Enjoy every minute.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Your beautiful mother created a beautiful daughter who creates beauty all around.

Lovely to see you back here! I have missed you.

Hugs and Happy New Year!


pgadrian said...

I wish I could express myself as well as you do - we spent a week over the holidays with my mom, I got a note from her in the mail today and she wrote that she wished we were still at her house! That little Violet is sure a special lady! And a wonderful momma!!!

Toyin O. said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

Ann Kroeker said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Honey
I opened the curtains this morning to watch the sunrise from bed and had no one to share it with, the house is so quiet I am going through withdrawls, have to wait patiently until March to see you again. Loved your post, it always makes me smile. you give us pictures with your words.

Melissa said...

Welcome back, Kathleen. I've missed you. It is lovely to see your smiling face again. I'm so glad you've had this time with your mother. It is wonderful to be cared for so lovingly. *smooches* back at cha and a big hug