Friday, August 12, 2011

Sharing a Bed

Rumpled blankets
bury books and fold up
kittens tangled around the dog
who gives wet licks
to wake us up for

Here's a must for middle age ~
get again not one, but two kittens.
Their paws are softer, whiskers
ticklier, fur silkier, and purr louder
than my earlier memories recall.

At play, they make me smile
at the tumbling chase and laugh
at their clumsiness. My eyes
water in wonder as tiny
padded paws pat my cheek.
Close isn't quite close enough
at times for a kitten, but
I have no way to unzip
my skin for them
to get all
the way


Maureen said...

Love this, from title to those great concluding lines.

In our case, it's two Westies. MacDuff likes to go horizontal in the middle, and woe be the person who bumps him; Jack wraps himself up like a ball at the bed's foot.

Anonymous said...

Kittens do that, don't they?

And that line about unzipping your skin - pefect.

Good one, Kathleen.

S. Etole said...

I've been wanting to get one ... you may have just pushed me over the edge with this description!

Louise Gallagher said...

As I write this, Marley, the Great Cat, lies curl up on the bed with me while Ellie, the displaced golden retriever (it's her bed you know!) lies on her rug on the floor at the food of the bed.

Love your line about unzipping your skin -- yup. it is perfect!

Anonymous said...

fluffy fluff of furry fuzz

Sherlene said...

and they get better with age!

L.L. Barkat said...

"get again not one, but two kittens"

and the end, as Louise said, is wonderful. :)

Jennifer @ said...

Oooo ... Love!

We have kittens, farm kittens, so they live outdoors. but I get that unzipping. :)

Anonymous said...

TWO Kittens???????????????????

Simply Darlene said...

Heya Miss Kathleen, I think your momma wants one of those kitties. ;-)


Diane Walker said...

Unzipping -- perfect! They can never seem to get as close as they would like...