Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Fidelity Happens

Blankets knot, sheets tangle.

 Limbs twist, nerves jangle. 

Fragrance floats along for free. 
Kything sent to him, unbeknownst by me. 

The next morning he said, 

“I dreamed the strangest dream

If anyone else dreamed the same

one last night, maybe it 

happened to me.” 

I turn away. 

Pink spreads up my face. 

I'm grateful no one can see inside 

bundled and bedded dreams.

My ring's still on my finger. 

I'm awake and longing for home. 

I want my beloved - he waits for 

me in our marriage bed - alone. 


Anonymous said...

I love that you used "kything"!!!!

Louise Gallagher said...