Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ministry of the Moon

Mama sings to her sweetheart,
a mysterious man in the moon. 
She points out eyes and a face, but 
I see only rabbit ears, a crow’s 
beak, or shadows tangled like lace. 

Malcolm explains 
ancient words from the 
mariner’s rhyme: The moon
 knows best how to minister - by 
making brilliance bearable - for
 brides who dare not gaze 
full at the groom. 

Mama’s song 
about kisses and misses 
and grown up blisses 
swirled over my childish head. 
He watched and waited, 
till finally I saw himNow, 
I want to marry him too. 

I read Malcolm Guite's "Faith, Hope and Poetry" slowly. I spent time ruminating long in the section about The Moon and the Mariner. A spiritual feast. 

We met Malcolm at Kindlingsfest last summer. How apt. This is how kindling happens. 


Maureen said...

I laughed when I clicked over to Kinglingsfest site. It said I missed it!

I bet you had great conversations w/ Guite. I liked some of the resident artist's work too.

Love the title of your poem. It would be a wonderful book title.

Craig said...

My keyboard doesn't have a "thumbs up" key!!!!
Love it Babe.