Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phoenix Promises

Ivory lace and wedding satin 
coffined by an undertaker 
instead of the local laundromat -
 before, not after the bridal day. 
Six satin covered buttons 
included gratis 
in case closure is needed 
during the afterlife.

Penciled sketches 
sprang to life 
via storyboard design. 
Original haute de couture 
never intended to be flaunted 
down famous runways.

Surrendered, sacrificed, 
unfinished, unworn - 
this weighted lace hem 
will never trail behind 
her barefoot path. 

Habitual sarcasm can't be allowed 
to ridicule the love stitched 
(now needle pricked) 
dreams we dreamed.  

Cram cremated remains in an urn.
 Light candles. Pray continually. Wait.
Her resurrected beauty may rise, 
born again from ashes
 appearing cold and dead. And so
help me God, will I.