Monday, June 24, 2013

Berry Therapy

Mud splatters. 
Tears run. 
Houses wreck. 
Men rape.

Soldiers pillage. 
Girls rip. 
Water rises. 
Drought ruins. 

Crops fail. 
Floods roil. 
Wind whirls. 
Sun bakes. 

Icebergs melt. 
Lakes disappear. 
Holes open. 
Babies die. 

Love ends. 
Preachers abuse. 
Saints quit. 
Farmers cry. 

Workers won't. 
Honeybees die.
Soil withers. 
Guns kill. 

Boys steal. 
Siblings fight. 
Children starve. 
Horses founder. 

Whales beach. 
Factories pollute. 
Trash grows.
Oil spills. 

Banks fail. 
Schools unravel.
Stocks plummet.
Books languish.

Pesticides persist. 
Seeds mutate.
Technology advances.
News distorts. 

My heart quakes
with helpless futility -
So I pick berries for 
hope and sanity.