Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here Be Dragons

say the ancient cartographers
marking dangerous places
outside familiar territory. 

Disasters befall adventurers
who dare to travel past 
publicly approved comfort zones. 

Green lights keep everyone safe. 
Tight fences keep bad guys out. 
Regulations assure and reassure. 

Airport security finds hidden danger 
before it grounds a plane. Our own 
FDA makes sure meat, and milk are pure. 


I’d rather meet Linford and Karen
at the edge of the world, and face down
the fiercest, fire breathing dragons 

than live in a world where natural cob
homes are outlawed and destroyed 
and their builders put behind bars,

where by the book inspectors sign off 
on conventional houses that pass
but shouldn’t, 

where real estate agents persuade 
young married's to buy a house they
can't afford, hanging them upside down,

where raw milk from real cows
eating green grass is condemned, 
and cooked honey is considered safe, 

where pharmaceuticals try to corner the market
making herbal home remedies illegal, and give  
doctors plenty of free, questionable samples 

where the only remedy for pain 
or sleeplessness is a pill, and being 
disturbed or uncomfortable is intolerable.  

where choices to legally homeschool 
are trying to be taken away by a government 
that legally let me abort life, 

where pure cotton is loaded with pesticides,
and peanuts are grown in that same ground 
after the damage is done, 

where bleached, separated, modified, manipulated grain grown 
in lifeless, weedless ground is blamed for 
glucose intolerance in pasta, pastry, and bread,

where women ruin their eyesight with lash extensions,
deform their mouths with duck lip injections, and try to make
down there look like an airbrushed pubescent girl, 

where women think large lumpy breasts, rump lifts, liposuction, and 
facelifts are necessary for self focused happiness, and lovely brown skin 
dies trying to bleach itself white. 

Go ahead and cook your brains -- straighten your dyed, curly hair, watch TV until you forget how to converse, swing your marriage, don’t die of natural causes - let chemo and radiation take your last dollar and your last vista view. Throw away all your books, give up your guns, immunize your babies, get a flue shot every year, take fluoride on all fronts, soak your house in formaldehyde, let it preserve your body when you die, cover the ocean in a layer of plastic soup, melt the glaciers, buy another car, just try to poison the super duper yellow jackets, fleas, giant wasps, try to cure the lyme disease epidemic, let the government shut down, bake a turkey that lives with 20,000 others in a cesspool barn gasping for light and fresh air, eat tasteless eggs, and BBQ beef that smells like feces. 

I’m feeling partly paralyzed and completely confused by what is allowed and disallowed. Approved of and not approved of. It seems all turned around crazy. We're upside down, backwards, topsy turvy, and inside out. 

I want to be a dangerous expedition hungry adventurer who’s not of afraid going where there be dragons. I wish I could get ahold of one of those old maps so I knew what direction to head off toward.  

 I can’t, so I’m just going to follow Over the Rhine to Nowhere Farm, where they left the edges wild

Meet Me At The Edge Of The World could start the next revival, become the latest manifesto, start the newest trend. But it won't, because most people are more afraid of dragons. 

Peter Turchi's Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer prompted this crazy rant. Don't blame him.  
I take full responsibility. I know this is badly written, but I am sooooooooo mad about the crazy things going on in our world. Forgive me if you want, but I'm not sorry. :)