Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Love Where I Live I & II

People come from all over
the world to see the green
lushness in our Pacific
Northwest Paradise

I start to despise the rain
maker's gift come February

Today I met a hearty
and wholesome woman who
told me she likes walking
in the rain

Her eyes lit up and her face
shimmered as she spoke

I didn't know what to say until
my winter excuses for sedentary
inactivity launched the usual
complaint about wet
feet and cold dampness
soaking into my bones

Puzzled, she asked if I had
waterproof hiking boots and a
good quality waterproof but
not rubber type raincoat

I looked puzzled back at her
and shook my head negative
because I had never imagined
wanting to walk in the rain

This woman gave me
a new perspective and changed
my mind

I went straightway to REI
and spent time buying waterproof
mid boots and a comfortable

Today I decided to enjoy
walking in the rain

I stayed warm and decided
again - I love where I live

I love where I live
because trains round the bend
on the beach where girls with
pink buckets find treasure

couples walk hand in hand
past families toasting hotdogs
over bonfires

ferries and tugs churn through
water carrying passengers
and cargo bound for islands
shrouded in mist

seagulls scream
and the lighthouse
shines a token light

cups of clam chowder warm our
hands as the sun sets low

the paddle boarder
finds his way home
across the straight

divers waddle
into dark water
and light up the deep
looking for geoduck

I kidnapped Craig early from work last Wednesday and carted him off around the bend and down the hill to the Mukilteo Silvercloud - room 335. Easy. Close. Effortless. Waterfront bliss. A room with a view, a double tub, a fireplace and love…. 

Twenty six years of a workable, doable, enjoyable marriage. We celebrated with Clam Chowder on the beach. We thought of going over to the pub and getting a beer, but got distracted and side tracked with 
loving each other. And dreaming of what the future may hold….