Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fairhaven Washington On Valentine's Day 2015

Chuckanut Drive
lured us North
around curves -
hugging rocks
on one side and
a high bluff beach
on the other.

Historic Fairhaven's
esplanade held  --
easily bearing
the weight of love
in the bright glare

of rare

winter sunshine.

A single girl on a double
bench watched two gray
heads bend together
laughing over the top
of their canes
while the couple
behind looked over her
shoulders oblivious
to the empty seat
next to her.

Pairs smiled
trios leaned
families laughed
singles jumped
couples lunched
pedalers flew
lovers held hands
and masters petted the
heads of the faithful
at the end of the leash.

Selkies in full view
shed their winter
skins and found
the bracing joy
of salty cold
waterplay again.

And someone chalked a heart
on the steel plate bolted
where the timbers joined.

All this captivated me --
but not as much as 
being with this man -- 
my best beloved, 
my friend. 

Happy Valentine's Day, my love. You are so beautiful… to me. Hear my voice crack on the high note?