Thursday, March 5, 2015

Red Rock Cairns

Coming around a curve 
the path opened onto a red rock
platform hosting cairns.

Rocks stacked by pilgrims  
leaving testimonies, silent 
invitations for understanding

Traditionally, cairns
mark a path or show the way. 
These cairns gripped my heart
with knowing. I kept company 
with them a long while
because I recognized 
pain that color, suffering  
of this identical weight, 
and perfect joy tenaciously
putting a period on top. 

Sedona, Az 2015. Three girlfriends on a road trip. We stayed at Sedona Suites where Ken and Heather treated us like family. The location is away from the hordes and a short walk to Red Rock Park where the silhouette of Cathedral Rock inspires unforgettable moments.