Monday, May 25, 2015

I recently heard about a young girl
who left food for crows who visited
her yard. The grateful
birds started leaving gifts -
stolen gifts, but over time the stash
makes an impressive collection - shiny
trinkets and odd bits.

My curiosity is growing
about a crow who's voice makes me shudder.
My curiosity is growing
about a crow with robber instincts.

I'm becoming friends with an amiable
and mutually curious, black-winged,
strong beaked, bold bird who visits
my back yard and bullies the robins. I know

changing my mind is doable. A clerk in a hat
shop helped when she plopped a black,
straw boater on my crown. It's cute - look in the
mirror, she said. The hat changed my
mind about a belief I'd held a long time.
I didn't think I could wear hats.
If I can wear hats - might I
learn to like crows? This could be