Friday, January 8, 2016

Belt Loop Love

I was sorting our closet to pack essentials for Holden VIllage, with a pile to give to Goodwill. 

For years and years Craig and I have both been puzzled by new jeans going missing from his closet. Then they'd show up mysteriously. The belt loops would soon come off. Craig quit wearing a belt and cursed cheap chinese sewing. This went on until Brita left home. Because…..

Little did we know she's always had a belt loop fettish. She finds scraping her thumb and finger alternatively along the inside raw edges of a belt loop satisfying, gratifying and comforting. As comforting as sucking her thumb used to be when she was little. Especially when it becomes all soft and frayed, weary of resisting her relentless handling. She carries pieces of belt loops she cuts off her own pants in her pockets until they've been worn out. She seriously lusts after a crisp, fresh off the shelf belt loop. She has been known to buy jeans at thrift stores and Walmart because she was out of options. 

We had no idea until she confessed and solved Craig's mysterious new pants dilemma. We howled in disbelief…… thankful it was a harmless obsession/fixation. 

So, I cut off small square pieces of jeans with loops attached - for a year's supply. I'm prompting Craig to write a hand written note to her to put in a gift bag of twelve cut belt loop squares to send her before we go. 

Dear Brita, 
I'm pretty sure during this year in Holden I'll wish a pair of my jeans would go missing, then be mysteriously returned with some belt loops loose. I'm not sure what the criteria is for a proper loop worthy of a good working over, but here is a supply…..until we see you again. I love you as much as you love your belt loops. I promise you have a lifetime supply. Keep me in your pocket. 

Yes, if you see tear stains on this page, they are mine. These things give life purpose and texture and layers more precious than gold…… 

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