Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not Wearing A Pink Hat

today I listened to 35 minutes 
of what's considered news 
by thousands who tune in. 
Top news? Starburst
has a new package of 
all pink candy.

And a new app called 
Women Interrupted 
was highly recommended
to much applause. 

I confess: Women marching 
in silly pink pussy hats
spewing their own brand of
putrid hate is not silly at all
and makes me embarrassed 
to call myself 
a woman.  

 Does this app 
also track how 
many times women 
interrupt other women
or how many times women
interrupt men? 

The bullied become bullies. 
The tolerant aren't so tolerant. 
Facts are buried. Opinions go
viral in a world turned upside down, 
backwards and inside out.

Earl told us to learn to live with irony.
But I'm losing the hang of it. 
The only thing I can hold on to, 
the only thing familiar, 
the only thing I know any 
more when I see it - 
is love. 

It's still the same 
all over the world -
and forever. 
It never ends. 

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