Wednesday, September 9, 2009


*my husband to feel like the man i most respect,
*our girls to feel delighted in and enjoyed,
*to make a difference in the lives of others,
*our girls to feel known and understood,
*others to feel generosity and kindness from me,
*our girls to know we are proud of them,
*to make time to be productively creative,
*to plant our yard with more edible fruits and berries,
*to make sure to spend money on experiences instead of things,
*to not accumulate stuff, to live simply, inviting, unpretentiously,
*to either speak well of people or be silent,
*to pray and intercede for people I love more,
*to to dwell on the things that are lovely, pure, righteous and holy more,
*to be a giver,
*to love and be loved,
*to listen more,
*to stop making assumptions and quick judgements,
*to always adjust what i believe to what is true,
*to try and understand, to have more compassion,
*to be tenderhearted, responsive,
*what God, my husband, my children think of me, be the only opinion that matters.
*to never take their love for granted,
*to be the most grateful and thankful woman,
*to live out loud, be contagious,
*to see others as our Creator sees them,
*to keep a sense of wonder and awe until I die,
*to live like i believe that this isn't all there is and like everything is sifted through His hands and that i know the best is yet to come.


susan said...

Wonderful! Gave me much to think about.

Em said...

may i borrow this? i love it. it's worthy of "the bathroom mirror."