Friday, September 4, 2009

Seeing Red

We need to get a new light bulb for our bedroom. A red one. The old one burned out. We keep forgetting to grab one at the store. I miss it so much....miss the ambiance it creates and the way it casts us in a good light, literally!

There was a reason for the red light district being red ~ the red lantern being red.

Whenever a bride gets married, I love to give her a red light bulb with an explanation, encouraging them to use it. As the years go by, I'm glad we have always had a lock on our bedroom door and a red light over or beside the bed.

Candle light works too, but a soft red light in your 'boudoir' makes anyone beautiful. Facial hair, wrinkles, cellulite, puffy eyes, lily white parts, saggy stuff ~ all look amazingly appetizing under the transformational influence of a red light. You can't feel shy or self conscious wrapped in it's soft red glow. And the other person seems ethereal. It creates this illusion, making both of you feel like you've been painted by one of the great masters!

I'm sure there will be a run on red light bulbs now that you know. Send money if you like it.


Anonymous said...

And where do I send the money, and who do I write the check out to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you only knew!

KoverB said...

Special deal, happy hour, half price for you Loverby.........

Susan said...

Wow do I ever have a lot to learn!

Anonymous said...

go get that bulb, girl!

Maureen said...


each red

each the color
of life

lived large
(or small)

but sure

P.S. I think with this you could begin your own Red campaign.