Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being the Bride


Anonymous said...

thanks kathleen

Maureen said...

I tried to leave an earlier comment and got the same strange message I've been getting from Blogger all day: Error : not in service.

I do plan to try my hand/head/heart at this Gogyohka form, once I learn a bit more about it.

I like what you posted here, and the last image especially. It reminds me of a sculpture I once saw out West that left a hollow where the face should be. It was one of the most moving pieces of art. I've never seen the artist's work anywhere since.

Anonymous said...

Love this! :) Love the words and the picture and the way they are presented. :)

M.L. Gallagher said...

Very cool -- love it!

And now I'm intriqued... hand/head/heart is calling me to try it too!

A Simple Country Girl said...

Did you write/draw those? That last one is something special... What an invitation. What beauty we all are in His eyes.