Monday, September 13, 2010

Fistula Girls

Fistulas happen to young
girls married against their
will by arrangement to old 
men who use them to breed
babies in bodies too small
to deliver either the new 
life or bridge the political
alliance of families because 
when her delivery is obstructed
it tears her inside  
eliminating waste both
liquid and solid  
stink and filth without pause
 upon dark skin 
and black thirsty earth 
sopping up the drink 
everyone finds abhorent
leaving the young little old one 
worse than a leper
pariah to the village 
food for the jackals 
living isolated without help
cold without doors
an embarrassment to the family
who can't make good on 
the bride price until
she makes the walk 

the walk to beautiful
begins when she hears
hope whispering 
her name 

I listened to this TED talk by Sheryl WuDunn the other day. It paired well with this movie which is available on Netflix or for purchase.  A Walk to Beautiful,  also prompted this poem. I hope the tears  that came as I watched it will fuel a practical response from me on some level.  

I often find pieces of my heart walking barefoot part of the way with them, to beautiful. I picture the path lined with invisible well wishers, applauding. I see angels guiding the eyes and hands of the medical teams that give of their time and talent. I hear the "Well Done" echoing in the halls of the hospitals that welcome these precious girls.

Maureen encouraged me to join the fun at One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday. Even though I feel extremely shy about doing so, I do like to play.  Especially I want learn more about how you all enjoy this new medium which recently found me.   


Glynn said...

Wow, Kathleen, this one knocked my socks off.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I'm with Glynn.

Humbled. and Horrified by what happens to our sisters and brothers around the world.

Thank you.

Maureen said...

You took a stand with your post, with your watching of the video and movie, with the power of your tears.

I continue to find astonishing that in the 21st Century young girls and women all over the world and yes, even here in America, suffer unspeakable experiences. Their collective wounding is so great. They don't have voices but we do and speaking out is the least we can do.

A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh Kathleen, I also saw this documentary. A couple of years ago and one night in the dark, when we still had television, I watched it and wept as the local PBS channel broadcast it. What I remember most is those women's eyes -- how they changed from clouds of despair and shame to bright lights of healing and restoration. And don't we hope and pray they find that in Christ too?

Your poem is your heart, smeared across the page. Thank you for sharing it with us

A Simple Country Girl said...

Also miss, I am looking forward to searching your face out in our small church and hugging you in 4 days time. Will I shyly meander your direction? Will I squeal and run into your arms? To grasp hands in a moment created by God and to put faces to the hearts that bleed and share and beat His Love...

Lord willing and the creeks don't rise!


moondustwriter said...

Oh my sweet friend - Welcome
you can feel my arms around you can't you??
Miss your smile

this one was a heavy hitter and necessary - people need to know

Glad you came to One Shot Wednesday

I'm smiling from the Moon down to earth

Love ya K

Shashi said...

You have written it wonderfully...
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

gautami tripathy said...

It still happens in a few places in India. A sad reflection.

nowhere island

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Holy cow, that is intense.

Eric Alder said...

Wow, this one is so intense, Kathleen! You shines a stark light on this awful, raw truth - yet in the end you offer a glimmer of hope, like a cooling rain after a heat wave. I'm spent.

John's comments said...

Strong feelings conveyed well. Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Hope your week goes well.

Jingle said...

love your shyness,
simply thinking of everyone feels the same...

your work is admirable. gentle manner wins over hard truth.

Pete Marshall said...

i echo moondustwriters comments...and thanks for sharing such wonderful work with one shot..cheers pete

Fireblossom said...

Bless that wind.