Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Launch #1

Tessa left home with her car packed yesterday. She snuggled with me in bed before we had coffee. As we hugged good by I couldn't quit sniffing her neck and cheeks and hair. Her scent is her own. I have already misplaced it. This makes me feel blind. Crippled. Numb.

I made her two aprons. One, a girl apron in pink floral and polka dots. The other a plain, John Deere print with tractor pockets - farm girl wanna be apron. She is an amazing cook, infusing her creations with sensuous passion. I think she stays pure and virginal physically because she can release and transform her desire into the food she shares. We have been blessed by many meals where the only sound at the table was a soft moan of satiated hunger.

Tucked into the aprons was a love note. Her middle name is Rose. Another gift to the world is her music. I will miss the piano throbbing the windows silly. The girl has soul. You can't learn it or buy it. You can only be born with it. It has nothing to do with perfection or performance.

On the back are taped tickets. Unlimited tickets to return home or ask for help if she needs to.

This was a love letter printed with crayon on first grade tablet paper. 
It seems like yesterday when she was practicing cursive on it. 

Tessa Punkin' Noodle Rosebud ~ 

Don't forget whose you are. 
Be the bride.
 Look loved instead of trying to look good. 
Present yourself as a gift. 
You are. 
See others in that pink light also. 
Live simple and real.
 Live fully alive and engaged. 
Work and love from fullness and rest. 
Be instead of do. 
Don't look back. 
Move forward within the tension of waiting. 
Smile on your world
You are needed. 


katdish said...

Kathleen - You are such a beautiful gift. I have been the appreciative recipient of your kind encouragement on many occassions. Tessa is so blessed to have you. We all are.

Maureen said...

What a wonderful gift: you and your beautiful poem for Tessa, both full of love and the wisdom it bestows.

Patti Digh recently ran a series on "advice" for her daughter who is off to college. She included readers' offerings. Yours would have been a perfect addition.

Kandi said...


A Simple Country Girl said...

what beauty and what love...

Nancy said...

Love this, Kathleen. What an encouraging mom you are!

Lyla Lindquist said...

Kathleen, as I watch my eldest grow a bit more man every day, and move closer to the door, this comes close to home. What a lovely way you send off -- but hold open.

I don't imagine she'll ever be too far.