Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prairie Well

Anticipation vibrated 
 against his arm.
Heaving the iron 
handle high
 he raised,
  lowered, and
raised it once again.
Sucking deep
the full spout 
spilled faith 
like water. 


Maureen said...

How cool that the well still issued water.

Like this: "... the full spout / spilled faith".

Anonymous said...

very cool. my grandma had one of those hand pumps.

(i like new blog look)

Craig said...

My father said that well hadn't been used in 80+ years! I knew the first pull down I was going to get water. Amazing, we let today things be unused for a year or so, and they probably aren't going to work. !

M.L. Gallagher said...

I love this -- and I so appreciate your 'tagging' me. It arrived just before I left for Barbados -- and I took a bit to figure out the sender!

You are a heart of gold sharing your molten joy with the world in such grace and ease -- I am in awe!

thank you.

A Simple Country Girl said...

And I reckon you put your face full under that water and drank full.


S. Etole said...

So much memory in that ... and refreshing.

Laura said...

Gorgeous!I remember one of these--or a similar model--at my grandpa's when I was a kid. Sure brings back memories.

Hugs to you, lady.

Doug Spurling said...

I can hear the squeak with each pull, feel the pressure build and taste the cool refreshing as deep calls to deep. Thanks for this cup.