Tuesday, July 17, 2012


how do you know 
exactly when
I'm craving one more kiss? Is 
there a magnetic pull from my 
eyes or do 
my lips ask, inviting?
Do you translate the tilt of my chin
as permission or boldness? 

 I read once that women 
who continue
to enjoy kissing 
way past middle age
keep plush
and luscious lips way into
old age, and give smiles 
that send everyone in
the world spinning.

Loverby, thank you 
for giving me a reason 
to smile.
 Keep bending your
dear head and shoulders
down toward me 
to catch and capture and kiss 
my wanton willingness. 


Anonymous said...

oh my...i'm blushing....

Monica Sharman said...

Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was there from the beginning and heartily approved then and still do, you were meant for each other.