Monday, July 30, 2012

Air Kissed

 Intimacy happens 
without touching. 
Tongues send syllables 
singing indiscreetly by
 word of mouth like air kisses. 
Fingertips wave them windward
 over the crowded listening.

He aims deliberately for oasis faces. 

  I don't stop to wonder if  
they were meant for me before I 
catch them and press them
 to my greedy mouth. 


Anonymous said...

by word of mouth...i like that.

Monica Sharman said...

Oooh, that's good!
Yeah, why stop to wonder? :)

path of treasure said...

"over the crowded listening"... I like the imagery of the first stanza.

I also like this "We don't live a Christmas Letter life. It's a beautiful mess..."

Nancy said...

This made me smile. A big smile. Beautiful, Kathleen!

SimplyDarlene said...


I like how you run amuck in the kisses.