Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Summer Glad

Find wood, gather kindling, strike a match to crumpled paper. 
Toast marshmallows, squish them warm between two graham crackers and chocolate. 
Take the rain flap off the top off the tent to look at the stars. They are waiting for you. 
Sleep naked beside someone you love. 
Make a warm oven under the duvet where cold can't reach. 
Caress flesh and feel the cares of pavement, malls, florescent lights, traffic, and technology flee. 
Pump the coleman lantern. Marvel at the mantles.
Pump the coleman stove. Light the burner. 
Set the tea kettle to whistle time for cocoa, spiced cider, or tea. 
Touch a toe to the freezing water. Go in if you dare, but never skinny dip........alone. 
Stay awake until the coyotes howl and mourning doves coo. 
Listen for owls and wrestling raccoons. 
Stay bundled, cocooned in the morning until your bladder won't let you wait another minute. 
Put layers on. Unzip the day. Fry bacon. Boil coffee. 
Give morning hope and call the sunshine to breakfast.
Lay on your back with wild flowers and blow clouds across the sky. 
Sing to the fire, make it dance. 
Gather a bouquet of violets or willow leaves and dress the table.
Poke the wood surrounded by bruised flames and loose the sparks. 
Look for little people in hollow logs or under mushrooms. 
Listen for the silence to speak.
Let trees embrace your ache.
Let scents of pine and pitch and smoke soothe your anxious thoughts. 
Allow the quiet to cushion your heart. 
Notice the water lapping at the edges. 
Camp unencumbered. Camp uncluttered. Camp unfettered. 
Sweep the dirt if you must and clean your fingernails, but let go of primping and scrimping and limping. 
Swing in a hammock all day and accomplish nothing except daydreams.