Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seedling Volunteers

pop up uninvited. 
They sprout without 
being watered, fertilized,
or planted on purpose.
They don't write letters 
begging for support
or pretend like prayer 
is what they want more 
than money. Volunteers 
sprout because they 
grub stake themselves.
They c'est la vie grow and 
c'est la vie bloom, 
serendipitists with
 a c'est la vie mission 
to sway and wave and add 
color to summer's gold. 
Their bold conception
changes perspective 
leaving fields effectively full 
of perennial potential. 

My garden is bursting with volunteer babies this year. Foxglove, cranesbill, sweat peas, nasturtiums. They delight me with their boldness and tenacity. They appear effortlessly and make me rejoice and be glad.