Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Wear Holes in a Poem

There are two ways to wear
a hole in a poem.

Two ways to tear
the edges ragged.

One way exhausts
you and the words.

It happens on a
screen, processing,

rearranging, trading,
deciding, choosing,

worrying, changing,
deleting, and cutting.

The other way to wear
a hole in a poem

is an invigorating
process. It happens

on a cotton rag page
softened to a fine fuzz

by hands persuading and
pleading for one singing

line to pierce your heart.
Transformation like

this happens whenever
it is now. Paper pulp is

woven under water
and pressed. Deckled

edges leave proof that my
imagination got soaked.

Holes worn in paper show
where the baptism happened.

I used C.S. Lewis' quote about George MacDonald's work baptizing his imagination as a prompt.