Monday, December 1, 2014

Memento Mori

A silver braid suggests
misshapen maidenhood
grown thick and cranky.

See this crone, a beldame
with mystical powers who is 
feared and misunderstood?

I supplicate leniency on her
behalf - for the mantle fell 
heavy on her shoulders. 

Before her cheeks 
withered and knuckles
thickened she said yes

to a vocation requiring
living entombment -
a burial binding her inside 

a cell attached to sacred 
walls - dead to the world - 
an anchoress. 

Alchemy transforms her
solitude and suffering for 
beneficient flourishing. 

Mother wit and wisdom
can't be taught or bought
or sold for profit. 

Light a taper at her enclosure
window. Seek her wisdom. 
Touch her hand. Ask for prayer.