Monday, November 24, 2014

Dear Troll

living dreary
cement --
in mud.

Here's a generous
donation --
not for more ink
or airtime --

but these funds
are for you to buy
a boxed layer of
protection when you
feel the urgency
to soil yourself
leaving unwelcomed
traces of stink
contaminating our
contagious world.

The thickness
to buy depends
on the amount
and consistency
your negative
criticisms require. I
super absorbant
long overnighters -
with wings
unless you've
graduated from
to diapers.

Nudists on vacation
carry clean
hankies to sit on
when traveling
or dining in polite
company - a mere
courtesy - naked
doesn't leave
filthy tracks.

I occasionally come across long posts with negative reviews regarding books by writers I love and admire. The latest one left me steaming mad and sorry to add to their analytic hits. This is the only way to bloody their nose. Pow. 

Not anonymous