Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This grape vine tendril knows to cling is good. It finds strength at the ready when the top gets heavy or winds want to whip it loose from the arbor. It stays fast to its mooring ~ its grounded, planted deep, rooted place. 

Clinginess and clingy seem like unhealthy words. Yet, to cling is wise sometimes:

I cling to the rock that is higher.

I cling to an anchor that steadies. 

I cling to truth that is more than merely what I believe. 

I cling to my marriage vows. 

I cling to covenant friendships. 

I cling to the roots, traditions, and heritage of family. 

I cling to faith. 

I cling to a few unfinished dreams. 

Clinging is different than clutching in fear.  


Jenny said...

I cling to bacon.

:) Love you...and I can cling to that!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Hi Kathleen! What a beautiful image and thought -- 'to cling' = strength. -- and I kinda like what Jenny said too! Tee hee!

I also appreciate how you cling to supporting others. How you connect so that others can cling to your support. Very synergistic. Very strengthening!

Thank you!


Susan C Brown said...

I love the words and image you've given us for "cling." The grapevine is lovely, graceful, stable yet life-seeking. Reminds me we've done violence to a beautiful word.

A Simple Country Girl said...

Indeed it is! Indeed it is!


Maureen said...

tendril lets down
its arm, its curlicuing finger
quick to catch what's craved
clinging before the separation
before the climb all over
again and once more
for evening's respite


The vine has the appearance of rusted iron.

Anonymous said...

你的文章給我力量!感謝您!!! ........................................

Bree said...

and yet sometimes I feel like a morning glory, climbing and clinging to things I shouldn't. I need to be more like a grape vine... <3

S. Etole said...

I thought at first it was a very unusually bent nail ...being a vine shows even greater strength.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!! Thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

I thought the picture was of a chain wrapped around that post. Amazing, how the grapevine resembles one. Such strength in that clinging.

This is so good to ponder upon, Kathleen.


L.L. Barkat said...

Commenting down here, just so I don't give the wrong impression about wanting the "parfume" :)

You had me in ecstasy... then you moved me to laughter!

And on a different note, I loved your poem comment over at Love Notes. Thank you. :)

Kathleen said...

All of your comments finished this piece off, frosted it. Thank you.