Monday, April 5, 2010

Tune Up

Hard talk last night.
We slide too easily into ruts. 
They get deeper by the day. 
Comfortable, easy grooves where steering isn't necessary. 
Looking ahead isn't important in this track. 
We forget to shake off the stuckness. 
I'm always greedy for more ~ passion and curiosity, 
earnest learning, and my man pursuing me with gusto.
A vibrant marriage takes purposeful intent.
Stimulating conversation needs seeded. 
Passionate physical intimacy needs a new outlook at times. 
It seems demanding to want more than comfortable. 
We remind each other. 
I ask.
We decide. 
Craving more is a compliment to the day we said "I Do". 
We agreed to turn the dial one notch from default. 
It's a new morning. 
Regular tune-ups make engines run forever. 
Maintenance makes marriage more. 
He's revving up his engine, brawny like. 
My motor's purring smooth and steady. 
Ready once again ~ for more. 
Invariably, we'll again fall back in another groove.
Need to do it again, again.
And we will, because we like I do's.


Craig said...

Thanks Love. :)

Anonymous said...

This is happy and such a good reminder. :) Those ruts, they get deep fast, don't they?

Maureen said...

This should be used in couples workshops (seriously). Love that "because we like I do's."

Phoenix-Karenee said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Oh, for this kind of openness. I hope, one day, to find a way to grow it here.

Anonymous said...


A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh, I definitely agree with Maureen. But then again, newlyweds oftentimes cannot see past their own wildly flapping hearts. :-) Ah, but they will. Perhaps that is when they need this on a card.