Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mama, please stop working  
stay home with me
 I don't want so many toys 
To be with you
is what I need.

The play dough you make 
the warm cookies you bake 
wrap me in care
 no paid giver can give

Mama look at me
did you see the trick
take a picture 
store it behind your 
eyes to recall
when the child me 
is gone 

Daddy, we feel last on the list 
Honey, so do I
we count less than the
 weighty importance
 and throbbing enticement
of electronic bliss 
an affair of a different sort
an emotional attachment 
to some machine
in between
the promise of 

Mama, hold me not that 'pad
My love, caress my hand 
instead of the phone
Give me your hunger,
your curiosity
and thirst
Be not deceived 
the Apple bewitches
say no to it
and yes to me

Yes to pressing 
your breath into mine
what's priceless 
inside the gate of

I love the Apple store. My power cord needed replaced last week. Inside, the store did not have one free station. People were lined up, waiting and drooling. I observed it from the outside, instead of being one of the drooling ones - did I mention I love Apple products? Even so, it made me a little nauseated. 

In the last month, I have heard a high profile person wonder aloud if anyone has gone back to an 'old phone' after using a blackberry. A little boy really did beg his mom to stay home. Recently, at a writer's conference, the place where young writer's used to sit and dialogue with older author's was also the only accessible wifi spot. The open lids of laptops was an intimidating wall, shutting out missed opportunities. It is common for a friend's blackberry or iphone to make an unwelcomed trio. The e-mails and text messages often are more important than being present.

 I feel this urgent need to protect the priceless, irreplaceable need for human connection. Everything Apple makes is sexy and feels sensuous, even the bags! 

But wait, nothing can compare to warm skin, hugs, kisses and whisker rubs. It is so uncomplicated and easy. Buy that. 


Maureen said...

Right now my husband is having an affair with his new ipad. I know he loves me more than Apple's latest (last night he called his Blackberry "primitive"); even so, to watch how he touches the screen with flair, instead of pounding keys, doesn't make my heart tha-thump tha-thump.

P.S. Laugh, because I am.

njerde said...

Right now, my laptop is not functioning. That means no computer for me when I'm at home. It's the best release I've ever had. :)

Melisa said...

As I sit here and leave a comment from my computer to yours I can only say "AMEN!" And I have to say, that due to teenage circumstances, "we" are currently very restricted in the telephone and computer arena. Just last weekend we had a friend over and the sound of girlish giggles was so awesome! No third wheel in that! Must now disconnect to connect!

A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh yeah, I have a Mac, but the malls I detest. I almost passed out in that sweaty-got-a-have-it Apple store in Portland. Really. I had to leave while my husband bought the fruit.

And we don't have to buy those real hugs and kisses and neck cuddles. I, too, am off to do some of that (and laundry and other assorted stay-at-home stuff).


Kathleen said...

Maureen, I confess to not needing but lusting after an ipad! Darlene, Melissa, Nicole - glad we're together and not alone! :)

L.L. Barkat said...

Love the play on Apple. :)

And I do so appreciate your comment over at Seedlings. In a way, I feel that way too, but I organized the book to go beyond my story and help others live and artfully play with their stories too. The book seemed to be asking for that, and in the end I found I couldn't say no.

Still, I offer the reader (in a preface kind of thing) the option of simply reading. Maybe you will be a simply-reading person. I wouldn't mind that at all.

em said...

So encouraging and a good reminder of what is important. Thank you. XOXO.