Thursday, August 9, 2012

Malcolm Guite

Malcolm came out to the wild, wild west 
to kindle us and turn us on. 

  He is the last living village lamplighter 

who knows how to

trim dead wicks and polish

our globe glass so it casts light again.
Afterward, we see poetry in each other 

crystal clear, shining with the 

original glow.
I want to nestle under the spell of 
his dancing words and twinkling eyes
forever, but he lives across the pond,

making this is impossible. When time 

is short with someone who wraps 
his arms around the world, the only

thing to do is tuck up close 

 wherever he is, for as long

as possible, and listen.

Be all there - still and quiet, or dance
 along if you must. 

Every poem and song had a double

shake of English flavored BAM! 
 I believe he could spice, rehydrate,
and tenderize the most ancient 
hide bound leather and make 
it not only tasty, but resurrect it 
so it would be able to 

give milk and moo again. 

Here's another poet who honors 

that long ago last supper's last request,
"Do this - you are my poema, and so are they -

 go make poetry now, in remembrance of Me.” 

This is my tribute to an incredible poet, musician, writer, scholar, and warm human being.  

He blessed us greatly at Kindlingsfest 2012 on Orcas Island. Dick Staub coined him as being the closest thing to a real live hobbit that you'll ever meet. I didn't ask to see his feet for proof, but his pipe convinces me. Only someone from the shire could be so full of life and vibrant joy. 
You can try to keep up with him by following him on Twitter.

Lancia E. Smith wrote one, two, three posts from an interview with him. She captured his essence with her words and photos.

He is involved with preserving the G.K. Chesterton Library and is a chaplain at Girton College, Cambridge. 


Monica Sharman said...

Loved, loved these lines:
" I believe he could spice, rehydrate,
and tenderize the most ancient
hide bound leather and make
it not only tasty, but resurrect it
so it would be able to

give milk and moo again."

Thanks for introducing me to this gentleman!

Kathleen Overby said...

I see you smiling. He made all the dead poets seem alive, contemporary, and full of wisdom for today....

Maureen said...

I am forever changed by those last two lines.

Kathleen Overby said...

We don't often think of the Eucharist in these terms, but that is the essence of it. It isn't my original idea, I stole it after hearing it and being moved like you are, Maureen. Poema - his workmanship.......being in a continuous state of becoming........ healthy, whole, and holy. Isn't it our extreme gratefulness for the process that what makes us look so loved and live a creative life. :) :) :)