Monday, August 13, 2012

What a Bother

the boy became when
he knocked on my door
every week asking if he
could mow the lawn earlier
this summer.

I didn't need him to help
because it was a bigger bother
showing him how to keep
the custom up - to - snuff
on my green design.

He didn't quit bothering me until
I caved in to his innocent smile.
Primarily he needs food
and pet litter money to help
support his rabbit habit.

I was bothered last month
when he wasted time petting
the cat and talking to the dog.
I answered in a huff when
he asked me about my day.

Today before starting, the boy knocked
again, disturbing my contemplative
reverie. He tenderly handed me the
cat saying, "She will be frightened
when I turn on the motor."

I hope the grass grows fast
this week so he will hurry back
and come knocking at my
door - to bother me some more - and
disrupt my disturbing intensity.


Anonymous said...


Valerie Kamikubo said...

I wish the guy that mowed my lawn was like him.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading it, Your words are expressive but to the point. have another smile on my face as I head off to bed.

Gretchen O'Donnell said...

So sweet! Love it.