Tuesday, December 11, 2012

53 Aprons Project

I am going to try to make fifty three aprons and send them out this year starting in January. It is quite a commitment. I really want to accomplish this...averaging one a week. Besides, I'll be 53 in 2013.

I use laundered reclaimed material from thrift stores. Today I tried my first one with this  bohemian/artsy/poet/gardener/gypsy wrap pattern.

Aprons have a symbolic meaning to me. I believe the ordinary, mundane, and simple things in life are the most important. Invisible to the world at large. Aprons are the icon that symbolize hospitality to me. A hospitality of both the heart and home.

I think hospitality is the highest form of communing with others. Breaking bread together. Sitting in the garden or on the porch swing together. Playing table games together. Cooking together. Chatting by the mailbox with a neighbor. Taking a sick friend a hot pot of soup. Dinner gatherings talking late and lingering long.

Their are women who regularly wear out their aprons. They are that generous. That loving. That creative. Will there still be a neighbor lady around for our grandkids? 

I want to whet your appetite to wear out an apron. Plant a seed this spring. Get your old crusty water color set out and get messy. Try a new recipe. Take your neighbor a pie. Invite some friends over.

Or, do you live like this already? Have you worn out your apron? Do you need a new one?

I will send an apron to you this year if you want one. 53 of you may ask. Send me your address if I don't already have it. There won't be any duplicates or special orders.

Nancy's birthday is Friday. She's the epitome of hospitable. The first sample goes to her.


SimplyDarlene said...
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SimplyDarlene said...

Miss Kathleen,

I think you already know that have a thing for aprons, especially ones that wrap around the hand-parts as I am a "wipe the hands on the bumm" sorta gal.

If'n you need an apron recipient, I'm in; but, if you have 53 other requests, put them on your list because you did make me one last year. ;-)

Do you ever run across that vintage bright red & green cherry print fabric?


P.S. I think we shall need images of aprons being worn by the folks who are gifted with 'em.

P.S.S. That is a purty one up top.

Leslie Leyland Fields said...

Kathleen, I am the grateful recipient of one of your aprons---it resides in my apron door and is used often! I always think of you when I put it on. I know you will find many other deserving women of hospitality to bless as I have been blessed!! And---what an incredibly resourceful, beautiful way you are choosing to make them! My apron is off to you!!

Kandi said...

I love love love my apron.... :) I know it was made with Love!

Nancy's is gorgeous and perfect for her! Love you!

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful idea! I would *love* to receive one of your aprons. I only have one, given to me by my best girl friend. It is my favorite thing, and I have almost worn it out. Excited to follow this project!



Becka said...

My grandma and great-aunt put on their aprons every morning as part of their everyday dress, and kept them on until they got ready for bed, unless they went out somewhere. In my mind, aprons are absolutely symbolic of hospitality, and service, and home, and love. I have a couple of Grandma's old aprons; the one I use is a smock-type that buttons in back at the neck (I tend to get a lot of flour down my front when I'm baking). I'd be so honored to have one of yours!

Maureen said...

Such a marvelous meaningful project, Kathleen. I love the apron you sent me a while back (almost too much to use it!).

I've written this haiku for you (will share it at TweetSpeak later):

Bread on the table
Pockets of buttered surprise
Apron ties cinched tight

Kathleen Overby said...

Becka, my email,is at the top right. Could you send me your address. Dyana, I have you on my list, now. Wait for it.

Kathleen Overby said...

You're on my list, Darlene.

Kathleen Overby said...


Kathleen Overby said...

Smiling, Kandi.

Kathleen Overby said...

I can't wait for you to come out west this spring, Maureen.

SimplyDarlene said...

west, you say?

Louise Gallagher said...

Kathleen -- you are amazing -- and your gifts are always, always welcome in my home and heart.

Yes please, an apron from you would be one of those things too good to wear, but be worn they must because being wrapped up in love is the best way to cook!

Anonymous said...

So lovely! And what an ambitious plan. I have only one old red apron - and if I'm baking with my daughter, I make her wear it. I would love a Kathleen apron!

Gail Helgeson said...

I think I can make this comment thing work from my computer now! I hope you are enjoying your day.
I love reading your posts.
Remembering you fondly always from our time at the retreat.