Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shooting Onions

Pot roasts need onions. Onions need carrots. 
Carrots need potatoes. Potatoes need salt. 
Onion skin doesn't need to be lacy, 
delicate, and glistening red. 

I need to stop and study this. 
So after I wipe my hands on
 a towel, I trade the knife 
for a camera. 

Shooting wonder when it happens 
doesn't hurt anyone. There aren't any laws
 against it. There are no arguments or
 shouting about who's on 
the right side of the situation.

 Frame it. Hang it. Publish it. 
 Don't let anyone take this moment away. 
Shoot first, click fast, and never surrender 
or give up your right to carry 

a camera. 


Maureen said...

Camera rights are so much easier to support.

The onions make for interesting subjects, too.

Valerie Kamikubo said...

That last photo is spectacular! I was in a Chinese restaraunt with extended family after a funeral yesterday when I caught a glimpse of cast shadows upon the wall. It was perfection! I didn't have my camera with me and although I had my cell phone, I suspected that it would have been too disruptive so I didn't chance it, but I sure wanted to!

Jennifer @ said...

Way cool. Have you read Robert Farrar Capon's essay on the onion? If not, you would like it.