Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hexagon Paper Quilt

Thread, clippers, hexogon stack, paper hexagon templates, and a needle fit inside my beaded pocket clutch. It comes on the plane in my carry-on. I finish a few motifs each time I'm away from home. 

I just pressed all the finished ones. In one year I have done twenty four. I'm enjoying the process. Starting the first one was the main thing. I've always had a quilt on my bucket list.

 I've enjoyed it so much, I hope to do one for each of my daughters. I hope they wear it out during their lifetime. I hope by the time their children are adults it is threadbare. 

The type of quilt is called an english paper quilt. It works while traveling because you hand sew/piece each shape. Easy to take a long. Satisfying therapy. Free. 

Once all the motifs are sewn together in one quilt top, you iron it crisp, then take out all the basting and paper. I'm finding that the paper technique gives the corners a crisp finish I've never easily accomplished with a sewing machine seam technique. 


Maureen said...

Oh, that will be lovely!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I've never pieced an English paper quilt before. Perhaps I need to give a smallish version a try in the future. I am amazed that you can get your needles on board the plane.

Kathleen Overby said...

Never thought of needles as a weapon. Now, I'll have a guilty conscience thanks to you, Valerie. :)

You'll get addicted...... to paper quilting.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so about 18 years ago I began a "yo-yo" quilt - and it still isn't finished. I have all of the "yo's" cut...but not all sewn, let alone sewn together. Maybe someday!