Friday, November 14, 2014

Enlarge My Heart

Whiners stuck out
in the desert eating
heaven sent manna
without garlic and onions
gave murmuring a bad

When my heart murmurs
atypical it comes out
my mouth and throat - a mixture
of sounds between a moan, a groan
and a gasping whisper.

Tonight we stopped on the side
of the freeway to watch a
rare blackbird murmuration
against a peachy mauve
sunset. I  kept
murmuring as six perfect heart
shapes folded back
upon themselves, blanket like
in silhouette one after the
other. Each one laid on
it's side, stretching.  One
had the feisty tail
of a kite
complete with three bows.
I do have a human witness
who is unfamiliar with

Lover divine,
I would have been
overjoyed with a small
display. Or one heart.

I do love it
when you overdo it,
but take care -- I'm human --
an overdose could
overstimulate the meager
capacity of my heart.