Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Symbols of Hospitality

the word symbol
was a tangible thing to 
hold in your hand
called tessera hospitalis. 

History says
a small biscuit-like tile
was offered upon entering
a home where the 
host and the guest 
broke it in half -
evermore assuring 
a welcome when
the halves became 
joined once more. 

Someone said in eulogy - 
If you were ever part 
of his life you were 
forever part of his life. 

Sometimes the pattern
and broken edge don't 
match  -
but sugar grains
and salt remains
can be used to mortar

*Homeless Man - the documentary about Rich Mullins mentions this tidbit about him. I learned about the tessera hospitals from Bruce Herman at Kindlingsfest 2014. Attribution….