Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prayer for Dick Staub

This poem by Mark Nepo, from his book Reduced to Joy - 
is for Dick Staub - who I've always thought of by his real 
name, Richard the Lionhearted. I selfishly pray you regain 
your health, for we can't imagine our world without you in it. 

For Joel at 94
They say that miners in South America
strap small lamps around their chest, that
this works better than the light coming
from the center of your head.
They say the head can be fooled,
but the heart can’t turn without
the body. This makes me think of you
digging your way through your long life,
lighting everything with your heart.
It’s a good way to live. And when we
sit at the end of the day, our hearts
illumine the day and we see each other
in its radiance. I can tell, it reminds you
of many circles you’ve been a part of.
It’s a good way to measure time.
To make our way on Earth
by the light coming from our heart —
This is what you’ve taught us.
Is it any wonder that what you
touch, including us, glows.

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