Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Good Even When It's Bad....

The sunshine made for a wonderful weekend.  By Saturday night, the front and back yard were tidy and looked a bit restored from the hard beating winter gave us.  

Sunday we had brunch.  It was an open invite to pretty much everyone on my e-mail list who lives in the area and facebook friends.  Craig set up tables out in the yard with every available chair we own, plus a bench he made.  

In spite of 1 glass casserole pan breaking for some unknown reason, the potatoes not being cooked quite done and the caramel rolls burning on the bottom a bit, almost every seat was taken and nobody complained too loudly about the cook not having her groove back quite.  

Because eating outside in the sunshine and enjoying each other makes the not so good, good.  Eating outside is NO FAIL!   

Next month, 1st sunday, 1:00 maybe we'll see you too?   

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