Wednesday, April 1, 2009


These are a collection, a bouquet of a few of the happiest moments during my life....
Romping on the ground with 8 fluffy snowball Samoyed puppies - laying in the woods on loamy fragrant earth begging the little people to come out from under the oxalis to talk with me - riding in front of grandpa on the horse and hearing the saddle creak while inhaling the smell of leather - catching polliwogs and watching them become frogs - holding a butterfly while it dried it's new wings and flew off - mom holding me, trying to comfort me during a thunderstorm by telling me it was just God moving His furniture - watching mom make pie - swinging on the tire swing - the day I simply started reading - the first successful ski run from the chair lift - my first motorcycle ride offered by a stranger who honored my innocence - making cinnamon toothpicks - my dad taking me on a driving loop from Idaho to Florida with the Grand Ole Opry being the highlight - watching a sea turtle lay hundreds of egg in Florida - seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska - doing aerobatics in Simon's plane - my first opera, La Traviata -my first ballet, Swan Lake - our simple wedding day - giving birth to Tessa and Brita - seeing Craig graduate from A & P school - Craig catching a firefly for me - watching for trains at Glenfield - every trip to Mexico - learning the Polka with Ingemar - folk dancing in Scotland - meeting Arthur - eating the most savory fish and chips in Ireland -  seeing the Western Wall - climbing around En Gedi, Masada, Petra - swimming in the Galilee - swimming in the Mediterranean - swimming in the Dead Sea - swimming in the Red Sea - floating down the Stilly - cooking for a soup kitchen - shrimping with Don - crabbing with Richard - pulling a church bell rope in Bled - paragliding from a mountaintop launch - getting my shoes shined in D.C. - watching Laurie run her first marathon - watching Tessa and Brita glow at piano recitals, concerts and plays - watching Tess dance - seeing Brita graduate from horse camp - attending the most beautiful and meaningful wedding ever, the Parrick's - bringing Maggie home - getting love notes from Brita, Tessa and Craig - watching Craig fix anything - swinging on my porch swing - boils at Mill's - dinner on Richard's boat - sitting around the firepit at night - Brita making the table beautiful - having coffee made with love from Tess - laying out on the tramp in the summer.... all the memories and moments that are waiting to be born, captured, enjoyed.

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