Sunday, April 26, 2009


These are words that have great meaning currently:  
Sowing, planting, tilling, watering, fertilizing, weeding, trimming, watching, noticing, vigilance, solitude, digging, refreshing, waiting, swinging, walking, woods, meadows, wildflowers, fruit. 

I am passionately looking for new and unusual plants, exploring and trying everything.   

In the last week, Craig has been gone to ND.  Right before he left we killed the moss in the lawn and power raked, then cleaned up mounds of dead moss.   We over seeded, hoping that fresh new grass would take over and blend with the old, getting our lawn healthy and looking good.  

Keeping it moist and hoping the warm sun will help it germinate.......watching and waiting.   

This summer will be so much fun, as for the last 2 summers we have worked on the 'bones' of the yard.  We painted and roofed last summer, so this year my flower beds get to get all dressed up proper with some foundation shrubs and the plants of my dreams.   Already without many things blooming yet, the picture I already see in my minds eye is stunning!    

Gardening is so joyful for me.   It is also therapy.  It is so peaceful and makes me feel marinated and tenderized for enjoying all the aspects of my life.  I'm thankful for this season that seasons me!    

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