Friday, October 10, 2014

After the Flood

I tie the letter around the neck 
of my imaginary owl and release him — 
hoping he comes back alive
with one green sprig

He returns with an unopened
letter because it's impossible 
to find trees growing 
in salty places 

I break the seal and read --
pretending to be 
the intended 

If we could replay 
the regrettable past
I'd bookend a repair
to restore order
to this jumbled mess
we made

I'd talk to you like 
you're someone I love

I'd finish by 
holding you tight

The old zero sum game 
magically morphs from 
one or both of us losing --
to both of us winning
a future to prize 

I do
I do 
I do
miss your light 

Prompted by Talk To Me Like I'm Somone You Love by Nancy Dreyfus and Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson.