Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Earl Palmer Reading Not I

Earl Palmer read from this book for September's Kindlings Muse. 

My takeaway: 

 Stay put. Stay alive. Learn to have a sense of irony about every situation - don't go up in smoke. Dialogue together in a non toxic manner - even about the most regrettable current events. Encourage each other to survive and deal with the disturbing and discouraging state of things. Practice creative disobedience in a light hearted manner, even when your heart is gravely concerned for those around you. Commune. Lift each other up. Protect each other. Keep the bonds you already have strong. Have boundaries within those bonds. Perameters to keep the good influence in and the bad out. Fly under the radar if possible. 

It was a wonderful introduction to a book I probably would never have found on my own. It is now on the top of my wish list and will soon be on the top of my stack. I can't wait to dive in. 

Here are a few more pictures of a bright evening sitting with curious minds. Earl makes it digestible. Come to the table. There is room for you. 

Earl Palmer is giving C.S. Lewis talks every Wednesday at University Presbyterian this fall. Click here for more information.